The Source Of Addiction

Addiction occurs when we are trying to find a way to deal with an internal imbalance. We seek outside sources to heal what doesn’t feel right inside of ourselves. We see other methods as a way to feel better and cover up the internal issue. We then have two large issues that have become center stage in our life; the internal imbalance that directed us down the path that led to addiction and the addiction itself. Letting go of what you have become addicted to without resolving the underlying cause is difficult.

If we try to quit first, we are not giving ourselves a true way to let go because we still holding onto the reason for the addiction. This is why quitting can feel so hard. One must direct their attention to the source of the addiction first because the need to feel better caused the addiction. We do not choose to become addicted to something for the sake of doing it; we are only trying to feel better. What is it that feels unbalanced inside? What is the reason behind seeking to feel better? Sometimes it is hard to remember or perhaps it is so evident that we cannot imagine dealing with it at all. But this is the only way to let go of what one has become addicted to. Resolve the problem and the need to feel better disappears.

If it is an issue that is evident, then it is easier to know why and thus easier to let go of. If it is something you are not even aware of, then it takes a little more effort and honesty with yourself. Remember, no one seeks to feel better if they are already okay. You do not need something if you are in a balanced state within. Reach inside of yourself and seek out the source of why you feel bad. By facing your issue, you are coming to terms with it and can find a way to let it go. If you avoid your problem, it will never go away.

Do not ignore yourself any longer; find out what it is that you tried to bury or cover up by seeking external comfort. What you feel inside matters; how you feel and what you think is important. Realize that you will feel better when you face the issue and come to terms with what is hurting you inside. Face the problem and look at it closely. Can you let it go; can you forgive what hurt you and how you felt? Sometimes we may have buried the issue so deep inside that all we have left is a feeling. You can let go of the feeling itself if you don’t understand or know where it came from. If you can face the fact that it is there, forgive the experience of having it, and let it go, you can move on without knowing why. It is in the act of letting go that we become free of our problems. The letting go resolves the issue and the reason for our addiction is no longer there.

If we first heal ourselves internally, then the desire and need for outside comfort goes away. Once you have let go of the reason, you are free to let go of the addiction as well. In the same way you let go of the initial problem, you can let go of the addiction. You now have the strength and knowledge how to because you already experienced letting go. Face the problem, let go, and move on, and you can feel as you are meant to inside.

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