Staying Clear In The Moment

Clarity comes from staying present and grounded within all moments. You will see yourself more clearly when you are not emotionally or mentally distracted. What happens around you will feel easier and more manageable because you are clear enough to see the truth of what is happening. Being present is the main element behind staying clear no matter what. We can be distracted by our thoughts and overrun by our emotions constantly, but if we do not see this in ourselves, we cannot be clear.

Knowing your responses and addressing them before you overreact helps you to stay clear. When moments arise that cause you to feel uncentered or distracted, you are failing to be present. Staying present requires nothing more than staying aware of your reactions. It is like viewing yourself on a reactionary level in the moment you are in. If you can be aware of yourself when you respond from a place that is not clear, you can help yourself stay present. The more often you keep this awareness of self, the easier and more constant you will be in staying present. It is our wavering sense of presence that ungrounds us and diminishes our clarity.

Awareness in how you feel and how you are responding in the moment helps you stay in a more calm and relaxed state. If you are emotionally pulled from your present state, then you have lost your presence in the moment. If you are distancing yourself from the moment by your thoughts, then you are no longer present. By maintaining awareness, you can keep your clarity no matter the event, the issue, or the problem. Keeping your clarity enables you to fully comprehend what is happening. It also makes it easier emotionally and mentally on you because you are not overreacting to what is happening.

Keeping your awareness and adjusting your responses if they feel to unrealistic brings you back to the present. The smallest readjustment of self, of bringing yourself back to the present, keeps you engaged, present, and clear. The more you use this awareness, the easier it becomes. You will grow accustomed to what it feels like to be present, and being distracted and not present will no longer feel good to you. You will begin to see a drastic difference between the two ways of being so that no matter where you are or what is happening, you will be clear. You will find yourself being clear internally and in all moments.

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