Surviving Traumatic Events

After we go through something that is traumatic, we may still be experiencing it in our minds, bodies, and hearts. Even though the moment has passed, we may still be carrying the trauma with us. In order to heal from that which we experienced, we have to let go of its effect or we will forever be carrying it with us, and we could possibly develop issues because of it. When we survive something that is staggering and or life threatening, it tends to alter our perception. We tend to relate to our life differently afterward and find it hard to regain the balance we once had in our own life. It is like we have taken a step out of reality because of our experience and we don’t know how to find our way back.

Some of us will choose to relive the event as a way of processing it by recreating the images in our minds and the emotions we felt, even though it doesn’t make us feel better. We are doing this because we have no other way of processing our emotions or thoughts that relate to the event. This is where we must release our connection to what happened, so we can go forward with our life, instead of reliving what hurt us. We can do this by letting go of the experience. Most people find it easier to let go when they have accepted what happened. It is when we move past the not believing it could happen to us to it did happen and I survived that we are beginning to heal.

Acceptance may be the hardest step, but it needs to be the first. Accepting what happened helps you release the fight against the idea of why it happened. When traumatic events happen, there is often no answer as to why you were involved or why it happened at all. Accept that it happened and you can let go of the struggle you have with it. Once you have accepted it, you are free to move on to releasing it. You need to release how it felt and how it makes you feel now, for you do not need to keep feeling it. You need to release the fight against how it has changed you, and let yourself be as you are now.

You have changed and become a different person because of what happened, and that is okay because you can release your old self along with the event. Release all that is connected to what happened so that you do not have to carry it inside of you any longer. Release, let go, and trust that you are okay now. You do not need to protect yourself from it ever happening again because you cannot control the events in your life. Let yourself heal by accepting what occurred and then let go of it. Let yourself regain the life you are living now, instead of being stuck in the past. Let go so that your life is about you, instead of what was. You are more important than the trauma you experienced. You are more valuable than what happened to you. Live your life by letting go so that you can move on and be free. Know all the changes that have occurred in you have made you stronger, wiser, and more aware. Do not let fear, anger, or resentment filter into your presence. Let yourself instead feel love, openness, and acceptance, for today is a new day and you are part of it again.

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