True Self and Your Destiny

When you are on the right path and living your destiny, then you are coming from a place that is your true self. They are so interconnected that you cannot fully live one without the other. Your true self is who you really are on a very deep level. Sometimes we are not completely our real selves in life. We live a life that is not only absent of our destiny, but one which is false to the real us. Your destiny, the path that will bring you the most happiness, fulfillment, and joy, is always a part of you, but it is sometimes overlooked just as your true self is. So when one lives as who they really are, destiny follows; we automatically walk down the best path for us in life.

If we are not present as our true self, then we can never fully realize what we are meant for. It is easy to be something other than what we really are because we are always building ourselves into something that we are not. We layer constantly over the foundation of what we really are in order to cope with our lives or be what we think we should be. When we are living a false existence, it is easy to see that we cannot really live as we are meant to, that our destiny is not included in what we do. By taking away all of the exterior self and uncovering the true self, your destiny becomes extremely evident. Not only do you see the correct path in life, the one that will bring you the most joy and happiness, but you will feel at ease, for you are being the real you. When we feel empty or confused, it is because we are not being our true self. We cannot see the best direction to go in for our life because our destiny is hidden from us.

Our destiny can be fully realized when become our true self. So the best method to find your destiny is to let yourself become the real you. Uncover who you are, your inner self, and connect to it. No longer let yourself pretend that who you are on the outside is all of you. Let yourself reach inward and search for your true self. How do you know when you find it? Your true self needs no effort; it needs no help or trying. Your true self is so fully you that there is nothing in the way. Your true self is what you are meant to be and this feeling is very evident when you find it. Your true self is not confused, at a loss, empty, or sad. Your true self is never overwhelmed, disillusioned, cross, or distracted. Your true self is at peace and fully present already within you. You just need to walk away from this other self you have created on the outside.

To exist as your true form, you need to empty yourself of all the things you think are you, for these are only thoughts and ideas. You need to drop the emotional habits you have formed because these are also not real. Your true self lives in harmony with everything, for it is connected in many ways. Your true self is at peace, and anything that doesn’t feel this way is false. All that we layer upon ourselves is false, for underneath is pure acceptance, openness, and awareness. Your true form is always present, constant, and available. We cover ourselves up because we know no other way; we get lost amongst the thoughts, plans, actions, and behaviors we have built up around ourselves. We forget what it is like to be at ease within our own self. Being at peace within is nothing more than being your true self. There is only the letting go of what covers you up. There are no choices on how to be or ways to be for your true form is perfect as it is. Your true self is available right now, as is your destiny. When you live your life as your true self, then your destiny becomes part of you. Destiny is you living as your true self because it is not just about what you do, but about how you live your life. Connect to your true self and then live your destiny.

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