Understanding Yourself Is Enlightenment

Understanding yourself is about reaching enlightenment, for when you fully understand who you are, you can then understand the bigger picture. Not only are you seeing yourself clearly, but you also understand the world around you in a new way because of the clarity you possess. With a deeper connection to self, there also comes a higher connection to what is real. Fundamentally, your presence in the world as your true self becomes prominent, for you are no longer drifting along without understanding yourself. Instead, you have become everything you are meant to be with nothing holding you back. When we live from this space within, we are not only fully engaged with what is real, but we are also in-tune with our desires, their meanings, our actions, and all the parts of ourselves that may have been aimless, unknown, and without understanding.

By living in this way, we are then able to relate to the outside world from a place of deep connection and understanding. We are no longer solitary within the confines of our own construct; instead, we relate as one, connected to everything without walls or pre-determined ideas. The ability to reach your higher self, and understand all that is around you and who you really are, is available within you, within the constructs of your mind and your true self. We alleviate the need to further understand ourselves when we go through life thinking we are all we will ever be, deciding at one final point that our growth has ceased. This could not be further from the truth, for just as everything in life evolves and changes so do we.

Our growth can be as rapid as we wish. When we let go of the ideas that we have held onto, instead of prolonging the resistance to change, we become who we are meant to be. By lifting away the placid interaction we have had with ourselves, we can then engage our hearts, minds, and emotions within. We wonder, we discover, and we are open to who we really are. We are no longer existing on the surface in how we relate to the world and thinking that is all we are. Instead, we are digging deeper to find what more there is.

When we reach this place and begin to find and discover our full potential, the meaning of our existence for us alone, we engage our deeper self. We then can fully begin to comprehend why we are, where we are, and, most importantly, who we are. This way of knowing oneself truly opens up and broadens our deeper understanding of our time here and the future to come. We can then relate to the world with a pure sense of what is real, for we are living from a place of truth and as an enlightened being.

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