What Is Happiness?

Happiness seems like an illusion. We search for it, perhaps attain it, and yet, far too quickly, it seems to disappear. Why is this? What are we doing wrong that stops us from attaining and holding onto happiness? Perhaps it is that we never really know what happiness is, and therefore we are always looking. Perhaps we are afraid of losing the happiness we have, and so we diminish its worth. Or we may even believe that happiness for us is unattainable; therefore, we never claim it. Happiness occurs when we are at one with everything, missing nothing, accepting everything, and satisfied. It is encapsulating everything and withholding nothing. This is where happiness lies, not with what we have or what we gain, but in being a part of everything. For when you are, there is no loss, no weakness, no doubt, or fear.

Happiness is pure contentment, for happiness is not a thing, but how to be. If we believe we are connected to everything around us, then there is no sadness, no feeling alone or without. This kind of connection means you stop seeing yourself as something separate. You stop fighting life, and if there is no battle, there is no loss. When you accept everything as it is, you lose the need for more. Connection is all of this. We create separateness in ourselves by limiting our way of being. We think we are alone in life, separate and on our own path. But this is not true. We are connected to everything even if we do not feel it. Connected to the air, our bodies, those around us, and everything that happens; all of it is tied to together, just as our happiness is tied to how we live our life. We do not need to try to gain happiness, for it will always dissolve when we look at it this way. Happiness is gained by being connected, accepting, and open to life.

When we stop seeing ourselves as separate, we gain connection. This connection may seem like an abstract idea at first. Everyone on this planet is part of everything. We are not singular, but we are in a way one. Happiness is letting go of the battle against this idea. Imagine not seeing yourself as alone, as singular; take away the "I" from your thoughts. Now, imagine just being without it, the idea of "I". Let your mind go, let your energy move, and open up to the idea that you are not alone, not now or ever. Imagine what it would feel like to walk down the street without the dialogue of you in your mind, the trying to accomplish, be, or control that which is life. Imagine instead being present with the connection that is always there in all of us. Be a part of everything, break away the barriers the we project to keep ourselves separate. There is no need for these barriers because they are not real. If we hold up no barriers, we are free to feel everything, including happiness.

Contentment comes not from momentarily attaining, but from letting go of what the "I" needs. It comes from no longer existing as separate and alone, but together with everything. Erase what feels like your idea of you, this image you rely on in life, for it only hinders you; it stops you from gaining true happiness. Without you in the way, you are connected and a part of life. When we open up, we gain connection and happiness. The next time you wonder why you are not happy, take away the idea of "I" from yourself. Let your barriers drop and try to feel yourself connecting to life. Reach out and be immersed in what is everywhere, within you and around you. No longer limit what comes in or out of you. Let the connection that is part of life flow as it should, continually and constantly.

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