When We Become Annoyed

What do we do when things annoy or bother us? Usually, we tend to overreact and try to control it or eliminate it, and if we can't, we become upset. The real issue here is not how to deal with the problem, but why it is a problem to us. When we become annoyed, it is not because of what is happening; it is usually because we are tense. The tension in us is what is responding to the issue at hand. When we release our tension, our annoyance soon vanishes. That is why sometimes something bothers us and at other times it doesn't. If we try to release any tension we are holding onto and still feel annoyed with the issue, we have to look at why.

Nothing in the world needs to be offensive to us; we are compassionate beings capable of absolute acceptance. So when we think we cannot accept something, we have to look at why it bothers us so much. It is almost guaranteed that our reaction comes not from the issue at hand, but from something within us. Some issue or problem we have is presenting itself to us as an external issue. In a way, are trying to process through our internal problem. If you are feeling tense, try to relieve the pressure, try to let out the steam that is building up, and then look at what is bothering you again. Does is seem relevant anymore; does it still annoy you?

Often,when we take the time to release our tension, the outside world becomes less offensive and easier to deal with. Always go inward, instead of outward, towards your annoyance. If after letting the tension go you still feel bothered by this problem, you need to look at why it is triggering this response in you. It will be connected to something, for what you are experiencing is the desire to confront your issue. If we confront our own issues first, we will experience the outer issues in our life in a different way; everything will feel easier. If something always bothers you, take a moment to see if you can find what it is connected to in yourself. It may be something from your past you are holding onto, something that in a way relates to what is going on now. You may need to deal with this so that what is happening now will not keep bothering you.

When we release, we make our lives so much easier. Whether it is tension, something we are holding onto, something that has hurt us, or something we fear, when we let go, our annoyances disappear. The next time you are annoyed or bothered by something, focus on yourself and not the external factor. Do not attack, retreat, avoid, or whatever it is that you normally do; instead, go inward. Do you feel tense, are you tired or hungry, are you reacting because of how you are feeling? If not, is this moment triggering something in you? Pay attention to yourself when you tend to feel annoyed. Is it usually the same trigger? If so, look at why it affects you. Remember to let go within first and then you can be with any issue or problem at hand, and it will be easy.

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