Why Does Life Feel Hard?

What do we do when life seems hard? How can we find a way to reconcile with it and find peace? How can we open up to the life we are living when we find it so hard? All of this is very easy. Life is not against us, nor are we working against life. Even if it seems this way, even if all seems wrong or not how it should be, life is not hard. What we need to do is stop thinking this way, for our perception changes our reality and how we perceive our life. Let's say you think something is hard, no matter what it is, it will be this way. Why? Because we have set ourselves up to see this and feel this before the moment has even begun. And if we have been doing this for a while, we then have ourselves convinced that this is life. We do not see it any other way.

In order to change your perception, that of your view on life, one needs to first reconcile with the past, for the past is preempting your expectations. It is what is in control of how you see life. Sure, we can say to ourselves from now on I will try to see life as easy. But are you convinced or are you, somewhere in the back of your mind, thinking that it will be like last time? This your past sneaking up on you and telling you what it will be like. How do you reconcile with your past? First, forgive it for being what it felt like to you. Then you have to let it go. Truly let it go so that it is not preempting your experiences that you will have. If you have been struggling with something, be okay with it, accept it, and move on. That is the only way to be free of the chain of events we have set ourselves up for. The more you do this, the less you will expect life to be hard, like your past has been. The more we set ourselves free from our pasts, the easier life becomes.

Our perception is tied to our ideas of what life is like, how we expect to feel, and thus respond to different situations. It is like we are programing ourselves into being a certain way, regardless of the true circumstances. Over and over, we replay the little scenarios. That is our life. Why? Because we expect it, in a sense we are trying to control it, and we have a very hard time living in the moment. So in order to find peace at all times, we must let go of our past, stop expecting things to be hard, and in turn, have no expectations whatsoever. The less we assume, the easier it is to be present. Our mind likes to override the moment, whether by expectations or thoughts of how it should be. We hold onto our perceptions in order to control what we do not know. The same goes for our emotions as well. We think it will be familiar, so we respond with the same emotions, disregarding the moment as new. So many patterns all leading us to feel and believe that our life is hard.

The more present we can be, the more peace is attainable. Life is not meant to feel or be hard at all; it is our expectations, perceptions, and ideas of the past that get in the way. So if you feel like life is hard right now, do you see any patterns with the problems you are having? Are you expecting it to be hard because it has been before, is it really hard? Are you having problems with your reactions to different situations because you are calling up old emotions from similar events in the past? Are you hesitating to commit to the moment as it is because you expect it to be hard? Without fear, or blocking what is, we can find peace. Let yourself see your life clearly by letting go of your past, expectations, assumptions, and ideas of what your life is. With these small steps comes the realization that it doesn't have to be so hard. Peace is available if you can be present and at ease with the moment you are in.

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