You Can Change

Often in life, we think we are stuck with what we are. This makes it easy to ignore our issues, problems, or tendencies and overlook our behavior. We believe that whatever manifests itself in us is there to stay. But this is not so, for nothing in life is stationary, stuck, or unchangeable, especially you. We all have the capability to grow and change on every level. It is possible to become who you are meant to be and realize your fullest potential. Instead of hiding from what we do not like within ourselves, we should embrace it so we can understand it. Understanding gives us the power to release the issues we have. If we are ignoring our problems and hiding from our issues, then we are choosing to keep them. Issues you may face, such as fear, sadness, anger, temper, or anything else that you don't embrace about yourself are only temporary.

What may feel like a permanent fixture is in fact only momentary. No matter the level with which it controls your life, it is not and never was in control of you. You gave it control by ignoring its presence. Look at it this way, are you meant to live with anything that makes you unhappy? No, you are not. Were you created so you could live in a state that faced with internal issues upon issues,? Of course not. When we release our issues, we are free to live as we are meant to. We do not have to replace one problem with another because we are not meant to live in this circular pattern. We can rise out of this pattern, and evolve and aspire to greater things, such as happiness and peace within. If there is something internal you feel is blocking you from reaching your highest potential, stop ignoring it, stop accepting it, and instead, strive for change.

We are the ones holding ourselves back in life, not our problems, emotions, issues or fears. We hold onto our problems by not dealing with them. So if there is one particular thing you know you do, stop and take a look at it, fully and completely. You may already know why it is there, why you do what you do, but just haven't admitted it to yourself yet. Sometimes, we feel we are overcome by our issues. We let them control us simply because we do not take the time to understand why they are there. We do not take ourselves seriously enough to look at ourselves closely. We believe who we are is what we will always be. We fail to realize that life is always changing and evolving and we can be part of this process constantly. We do not need a major event to bring this realization forward. We do not need others to show us this. We do not need anything but our own personal attention brought inwards to ourselves. You have the power in you to change. You are not stuck with any one part of you. If you feel lost or confused, do not wait for something else to change; change yourself. You have the power today to alter who you are and let go of what you do not want.

You can take control of your issue, problem, or whatever it is that holds you back in your life. Do not live your life waiting for someone else to help you because only you can do this for you. Be free of whatever it is that is holding you down by acknowledging its presence. Admit to yourself that it is not permanent, but rather something you can and will let go of. Once we realize nothing is permanent, it loses its power. We can let go of our old issues, baggage, and whatever it is that holds us down. Once we understand, we can be free. We just need to look at ourselves clearly.

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