Your Perception Of Yourself and The Truth

Sometimes we imagine ourselves as different than what we really are. We think we are one way, at least we picture ourselves as this, and yet in reality we do not fit this picture. We may think we are kind and gentle, when in truth we have very little patience for things. We may see ourselves as exemplary students, but we hate to be wrong. However we picture ourselves, it is good to see ourselves for who we really are. Perception can be altered, whether it is how we see the world or how we see ourselves. All it takes is a little honesty, without trying to make ourselves feel better, which is what we usually do when we see what we call faults in ourselves. We try to feel better about it, and this often means we find ways to alter our behavior. We try to change how we are to supplement our perceived faults. We are far better off just seeing ourselves for who we are, and leaving it at that.

Imagine if we for once looked at who we were, regardless of what we thought we were, and just were, instead of trying to realign ourselves with what we think we are. We let go of our identity of self and our judgments of who we are. If we don't do this, it leads to confusion and an unbalanced self, for when we are who we really are, we then become a balanced person. We let go of the trying, the act, and the effort that goes into our lives. Our reality fades from trying to keep up a persona to one that is at ease with the world. You will find the more you let go of who you think you are, the easier it is to be you. Now, this is not just about faults, but about all areas of your persona, for who we are underneath everything is who we are meant to be. It is us who gets in the way of being who we really are.

Let's say you see yourself as kind, do you then put yourself second in order to keep this perception aligned within you? Do you go out of your way to do things for others even when it harms or belittles you? How hard do you try to keep up with the persona you have engineered? When it comes to our ideas of our faults, our ways of being that we do not like, this can be a little more tricky to see, for often we try to outweigh these issues by being different in other areas of our life. Let's say you see yourself as not trustworthy, that you like to gossip, tell lies, or get into other peoples business. So on the other hand you may find yourself trying really hard to make friends, going out of your way to be the most important person in their life. You may work really hard at this, trying to create a stable friendship with as many people as you can. This does little for you, for you are trying to do this out of a need to find balance within.

If we do not seek out the underlying issues within, we forever grasp at ways to deal with who we are, with little gain. What we are trying to get to is a place where we are comfortable with who we are completely, no matter what. When we let go of internal judgments, it gets a lot easier to not judge others as well. When we see ourselves for who we are, we see others as they are, and not how we perceive them. Our relationships grow, our understanding of the world around us blossoms, and we become happier. In order to really stop and let go of our idea of self, we have to first welcome ourselves as we are, even though they are probably our false perceptions. When we are okay with all we think we are, we then allow ourselves to be as we truly are. Let's say you think you are too stingy, be okay with that, say yes I am and it doesn't matter. Now that we are not trying to create a way to balance this fault, we have let go of that need.

What if we are to say to ourselves, am I really stingy, is that really me, or did I just make that up too? Perhaps you did. We can carry false ideas of ourselves around for our whole lives, they can weigh us down and make us do things we don't really want to do. All because we once decided this was who we were. Usually any perception we have about ourselves tends to be negative or it can be on the other end with highly placed approval, again the balancing act. We try very hard to keep the scales even, even in our own mind. Let's tip the scales and be done with them. Let's throw away the good and the bad. Let's have no idea of who we are. It may seem deep and perhaps a little hard, but it can be done, for all we are really doing is letting go of the judgment we feel for ourselves. We are letting who we really are be there. Perhaps there is a part of yourself that feels unused, covered up, and waiting for release. Perhaps this idea of who you are really doesn't fit any longer. We change, and often our perception of ourselves doesn't. Maybe there was one time in your life where you were stingy or untrustworthy, but are you still, and is it fair to hold onto that, fair for you? What if we got rid of everything, all of the ways we see ourselves, and just left it open. What if we did not look for a identity. So much is connected to how we see ourselves. It controls our behavior, attitude, and how we relate to others. When we let it go, we are free to be ourselves completely. Stop identifying yourself by what you think you are. Let go of how you see yourself, so you can be you. When you do, you will feel so much better, happier, and freer because of it.

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